Call For Horror Submissions... Showcase Your Work On Screechernet!

Ever been told your horror project is too campy or simply not good enough? Us too.

Are you a filmmaker, artist, writer or rabid horror fan with work in need of a platform? We're looking to greatly expand our catalog of work and are looking to feature diverse voices with a passion for genre. If you don't have any work to share, but would like to try and contribute to the website we're also looking for articles, editorials and reviews!

ScreecherNet is a devoted network created by horror fans, for horror fans. Our goal is to encourage our horror community to get out there and create content of any kind. Make your movie, art, music, whatever it may be. Our goal is for ScreecherNet to become a home and creative outlet for independent horror media.

We're looking to feature:

  • Films

  • Screenplays

  • Short Stories

  • Articles

  • Music

  • Artwork

  • Photography

  • Anything Horror.

There's no catch. We want to see your work. Don't let your project go unnoticed.

CLICK HERE to submit your work or contact us at We're looking forward to seeing what you got.

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