Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Maybe it’s the cabin fever talking, but I’ve been feeling a lot like Shia Labeouf lately. No, no, I’m not talking about getting arrested for yelling strange things in the streets (although I feel like that’s where my sanity might be heading if this quarantine lasts long enough). I’m talking about the 2007 box office hit, Disturbia, which starred Labeouf playing a convicted teenager serving a 3-month term of house arrest for assaulting his Spanish teacher.

As someone who has been recovering from reconstructive knee surgery from early February following an ACL tear last year, I can definitely say one thing for sure: being unable to leave your house can definitely get old after a while and suspecting your neighbor of being a prolific serial killer might not be out of the realm of possible thoughts that might cross one’s mind after sitting on the couch for the forty-ninth day in a row.

I had my reservations before starting this movie. Not only is it a ‘teen horror’ movie from the mid-2000s (yikes), but it is also somewhat inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic, Rear Window (a movie that should not be replicated). However, given the current societal predicament we’ve found ourselves in, I connected with this movie in ways that I never imagined I would. Unfortunately for Canadians in 2020 though, I believe I would have a bit more restraint than Labeouf showed in his attempts to leave his house.

For example: given the fact that there is currently a deadly disease outside my house that is infecting people left, right and center, if I saw my neighbor dragging a bloodied body into his/her garage in the middle of the night, I would just have to assume that this was a botched attempt at someone trying to keep their loved one from going outside! With all the hysteria going around today, I wouldn’t be surprised if families began to ramp up their extraordinarily physical attempts at preventing each other from leaving their homes right now… After all… we’re living in a time where people can infect their family members with a contagious virus by just going to the nearest grocery store. I think the rule of thumb here is that if someone is being dragged into a house in 2007, call the police. If someone is being dragged into a house in 2020, applaud your neighbors and take notes.

With all of that aside, if you’re looking for some relatable media to take your mind off of the current crisis, Disturbia was definitely worth the watch. And… just to be clear… if David Morse was my neighbor and I thought he was a serial killer, I’d probably stay inside regardless of COVID, because that man is frightening.

The takeaways:

1. House arrest was much worse in 2007 due to the lack of streaming services and social media. In 2020, it’s a vacation!

2. Don’t get mad if you see your neighbor dragging a body back into his/her house. They’re just doing their part! Stay at home!


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