• Kerim R. Banka

EVOKE: A Virtual Seance experience

Jaymes White is a renowned Mindreader and expert in the art of the Séance. His live performances have been sold out for years and take it from me... It's a mind-blowing experience. This year Jaymes takes his Séance experience online with EVOKE. Here's more from Jaymes White Entertainment:

Jaymes White is bringing his expertise in psychological terror to the web. This year’s Séance will be a chilling, virtual, interactive event unlike anything you’ve experienced before, or ever will again. Connect with the spirits, while social distancing from the living!

Join Jaymes in a virtual space where he will guide small groups of brave  participants through a soul-stirring, atmospheric, séance experience. You will see Jaymes adapt techniques he has developed through his years of work in psychology -- and his experience hosting séances -- to the Zoom video conferencing environment.

With a maximum of 10 people per group, each session will be a truly unique, totally interactive, and intimate experience you will never forget.