REVIEW - CAM (2018)

How does that song go again? “Lola… she was a… cam girl?” I’m sure it’s something like that. Unfortunately, in this film, Lola was nowhere near the Copacabana.

Netflix horror films are sometimes hit and miss with me. I often find that it can be somewhat of a mixed bag, so I try my best to not get my hopes up before watching a Netflix original horror film. Case and point: In 2017, Netflix contracted Mike Flanagan to adapt and direct Gerald’s Game. Fantastic film. And then not one year later, Sandra Bullock is running around with a blind fold on in Bird Box. Luckily for Netflix, their apparent fascination with making horror films centered around the simplest of bedroom toys appears to work 65% of the time… those odds aren’t too bad if you ask me!

This time around, Netflix dropped the whole handcuff and blind fold routine for something a little more 21st century: a webcam. However, knowing nothing about this movie going into it, I was pleasantly surprised with just how original this movie ended up being. In his feature film directorial debut, Daniel Goldhaber pulled off the unexpected with Cam. Powered behind a chilling and powerful performance from Madeline Brewer, I can confidently say that Cam kept me on the edge of my seat for its entire 95-minute run time.

I found this movie to be particularly relevant in 2020, given that internet identity theft is something that can happen to anybody and often times, once you realize that you’ve fallen victim to identity theft, it can be particularly difficult to regain control of all of your passwords and your identity as a whole. This film explores these anxieties in ways that most wouldn’t believe possible. But rest assured, if you have a computer and you have a face, your identity is not safe.

Favorite line: “You stole my face, and now I’m going to get it back.”

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