Vincenzo Natali is a Toronto-based filmmaker well-known for his wickedly inventive and endlessly disturbing filmography, which includes Cube (1997), Splice (2010), and In the Tall Grass (2019). Natali has also worked on popular genre series like West World (2016), American Gods (2017) and Hannibal (2013).

The prolific filmmaker has recently published an online archive where you can find concept art, storyboards, screenplays and behind-the-scenes looks at a variety of his past projects.

Cube Storyboard Sample

The archive is totally free to browse. It's an invaluable resource for young artists and filmmakers, but also a fun place to spend a few hours for fans of horror and science fiction. Recently, the website was updated to include tons of content from the making of In the Tall Grass, which is an adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill's novella of the same name. The film, available on Netflix, is an exciting expansion of the world introduced in the novella and the official screenplay includes some interesting moments left out in the final product.

In the Tall Grass BTS STILL

The digital archive also includes a few short films and a fantastic gallery of artwork and photography. I had the pleasure of helping construct the archive over the last few years. All of the work on there was so incredible to pour over and study. I learned a lot from it and I strongly encourage everyone and their mums to follow the link and get lost in the madness...


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