Updated: Apr 24, 2020

It would be misguided at best to call what we’re going through right now an “apocalypse”. Yes, the coronavirus is deadly, but it’s nowhere near the level of devastation we’ve seen on shows like The Walking Dead, and it's far less permanent. But the surge of end of the world series that have been popping up lately have prepared us for the worst; I just didn’t know that 'the worst' meant running out of toilet paper.

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead forever. I’m one of those, what do you call them… “Lifers”. I’ve seen the show too many times for my own good (yes, even the bad seasons) and this current situation we find ourselves in made me wonder why we never see issues regarding toilet paper in shows like The Walking Dead. They’re always scrounging for supplies like food, clothing, even toothpaste...but never toilet paper?

In the pilot episode, we see Morgan hoarding a ton of TP inside his house.

I guess it’s been a long while since we’ve had to deal with a worldwide pandemic as big as this. I was too young to remember SARS, and H1N1 didn’t seem as blown up as this -- so who would’ve thought that with the threat of an apocalypse level disaster, the toilet paper would be the first to go? Not Rick and the other survivors apparently.

Unless they’ve secretly been going on toilet paper runs off screen, I don’t recall ever seeing the survivors going out on a mission to find it. Plus with the size of the communities they have now, there’s no WAY they have enough toilet paper to go around. Even in my small household, we’re a little on edge if there will be enough to last us until this lockdown is over. On The Walking Dead, they’ve now been in the apocalypse for YEARS -- are they making it? Do they use leaves and discarded newspaper? Are they wiping with their hands? Or are they just leaving it and walking around with rashes and infections? I want to know!

The Walking Dead goes out of their way to humanize the characters, putting them through life or death situations and letting them choose between taking the moral high ground or plunging down a path of savagery. It’s a common arc for many of the characters on this show which we've seen again and again, but that’s not the only way to humanize a character. I want to see our favorite heroes (and villains) go through petty human-only dilemmas, such as running out of toilet paper. I can’t relate to a crazy cartoon character with a tiger but I can relate to Eugene needing to wipe his ass once in while.

We’ve already seen in our own situations how desperate people can become to find things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Now throw some zombies in the mix… that’s what I want to see! 


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